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We can erect most types of garden and estate fencing and gates, from basic panel and stock fencing to more decorative fencing and trellising. We are able to advise you of the variety of fencing options ranging from panels to pergolas, from the traditional to the contemporary.

Garden fencing and trellising can be used for many different purposes, some of which are listed below:

  • To provide privacy
  • To establish a boundary
  • To create garden vistas
  • To add height to your garden
  • For support of climbing plants
  • To shelter plants from the elements
  • To provide a more secure environment for children and pets

Whatever the reason for your needs, we can obtain a wide variety of fencing materials and accessories, making the final design as practical and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

All wooden fencing and posts provided are pressure treated, which means they are protected from rot and insect attack for 25 years.